Victoria Sydorowicz, CPA, CPC

I represent the culmination of many years of battle-tested corporate experience, all rolled up into one coach.  I am a Certified Public Accountant, and I am also certified as a Professional Coach by the World Coach Institute.

I have 27 years of corporate experience as a finance officer, so I know how to navigate the corporate environment and understand what it takes to create sustainable change and growth in your business or career.

I have worked in the insurance, marketing, and manufacturing industries where I have led successful teams to achieve financial goals and millions of dollars in financial savings.

I have both domestic and international business experience working in the far east for a period of time, the combination of which has allowed me to develop unsurpassed relationship skills.

These relationship skills and business acumen allow me to join you and offer specialized consulting for your specific needs.  

Whether a start-up, an executive leading a department, or a company starting an initiative, I am equipped to collaboratively write an investor level business plan to help you achieve your goals. In addition, I offer specialized consulting for important projects such as expense initiatives, revenue opportunities, and project cost/benefit analysis through implementation to name a few.

By leading many teams over my career, I am extremely effective at helping groups of people work together to solve problems or achieve specific goals.  I coach entire departments or groups of leaders via workshops. Group dynamics can be challenging but working together creates an entirely new level of achievement for a company as a whole.  

Individually, I can help you through a career transition, work toward a promotion, hone your leaderships skills, become an overall more effective leader, even deal with a very specific situation providing an objective, third-party perspective, and show your value as a contributor and leader.  Our work together will help you achieve your professional goals and build on those achievements in your future work.

I also understand that coaching someone through a career initiative most often includes personal opinions, life habits, personalities, etc. The lines are blurred between career and life coaching. This is why I offer both services. The decisions we make at the office have a direct correlation to our personal beliefs and values.  I join you in helping to align both of these facets.

You call it obsession,
— Victoria Sydorowicz

What I've Achieved

  • Certified Public Accountant

  • Certified Professional Coach

  • VP of Finance, 17 Years

  • Bachelors of Science: Accounting

  • Allstate Executive Mentor

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