Are You Doubtful That You Add Value?

The difference between you offering a unique service or product for sale or going into business for yourself and the guy or gal who has the online store is…..he/she actually did it and you thought about it. It is such a simple fact yet we pretend it’s not the truth because taking that step seems too scary. Action brings action.

One reason that I hear far too often is “What information can I offer someone else that they don’t already know?” Ummm…..well they would not be seeking advisement if they already had all the answers! So you have knowledge about a certain subject that they don’t and don’t underestimate that. Doing a Google search does not answer all questions believe it or not. Feeling fraudulent and doubting yourself is so common. I have done it in the past and still do it even though I know better.

Remember your worth. The first step is always scary but unless you take it, you will remain where you are. Take some small steps….easy ones. You will be surprised at the momentum you gain.

How Was Your First Day Back?

Back from Thanksgiving vacation? How was your first day back? Were you reenergized? Were you excited to do what you love? Hmmmm……crickets.

According to Gallup, only 31% of you love what you do. This is an American statistic. If you look worldwide, that number gets even smaller. Only 31% of you feel valued, engaged, and passionate about your life’s work. So it begs the question….why aren’t you making a change?

Some of the popular reasons why people do not make a job change are:

  1. Fear of change

  2. You don’t feel brave enough

  3. You think you have to stay in your current job to pay the bills

  4. You give up after a failure or two

  5. You’re not uncomfortable enough in your current job

  6. You don’t even know where to start to find your true calling

The first step doesn’t have to be a giant leap or a complete job change. One small change leads to other small changes which eventually will lead to huge adjustments.

Let’s discuss.

Say It In Your Own Words

A large majority of skilled leadership includes authenticity. You hear this word tossed around a lot. It’s almost become one of those professional “buzz words” if you know what I mean. But if we think about it tactically, what does “being authentic” really mean? Yes, we can say it means to be yourself but ugh! What does that even mean?

I like to sum it up in one sentence: Say it in your own words. This concept took me a very long time to master believe it or not. It frustrated me because it is such a simple idea yet I struggled with it. In short, saying things in your own words creates authenticity naturally.

For example, I am not a very wordy speaker. Something that might take another person an entire paragraph to communicate, I tend to condense down to one sentence. However, as short as that may seem, people who have worked on teams of mine grew to understand that this is my authentic self. My famous preface to any conversation is “Let me say it how I am thinking about it….in my own words.”

So don’t be afraid to speak naturally, in your own tone, in your own inflection, using your own words. Authenticity becomes a given when you do this.

Are Your Employees Engaged?

According to Gallup, 70% of your employees are NOT engaged! What??? Not only that, did you know that also according to Gallup, only 1 in 10 of your managers/leaders have a natural talent to lead? I don’t know about you but those stats blew me away!

What does employee engagement mean? Well, it means how much your employees are committed to your organization. How much do they emotionally want the company to do well.

Engaged employees are eager to go above and beyond while disengaged employees go through the motions. Here’s the thing though….engaged employees create positive results to the bottom line whereas disengaged employees have just the opposite effect. Seems logical right? However, how many times have you taken an employee survey only to find out that nothing was done with your feedback??

Inherent in every company are 4-5 employee engagement levers that leaders can pull to increase top and bottom line results and they are different for every company. Surveys can measure hundreds of behaviors, however, knowing the ones that are most weighed for your company is a mystery.

The investment versus return is staggering. Contact me for more information:

Starting Your Own Business

So much of my work finds me in conversation with people who want to start their own business but don’t know what the logistics are with respect to that. At the very basic level, in order to start a small business you need to consider the following:

  1. How do I want to organize my business? Will it be a corporation, an LLC, or a sole proprietorship?

  2. Registration with the state

  3. What type of insurance might I need?

  4. Will I hire employees? If so, will they be W-2 or 1099?

  5. What is the market like for my type of business? Have I done market research?

  6. Do I need any type of special license?

  7. What will my initial investment need to be?

  8. Do I have a business plan in place?

  9. How do I apply for a small business loan if I need it?

  10. How do I market my business both digitally and otherwise?

These are just a few items to consider. If you’d like personal help, please reach out!

Leaders Set The Mood

As the leader of a group, employees, team, etc. your tone, mood, and external persona decides how members of those groups work together. Think about it, as a leader, your opinion and reaction are given more credibility than anyone else’s in the room. That’s a fact whether you like that statement or not. People literally look at you more, look for your reaction, look at your body language as a gauge. This is why paying attention to how you are feeling and displaying those feelings outwardly is so critically important.

A leader decides how the people he/she leads work together simply by example. So, being self aware is a huge part of leadership. Things you “say” may have less of an impact than the “way” you say them or the “tone” in which you say them. But it takes guts to become self aware. It doesn’t come naturally for most of us. However, doing the heavy lifting of becoming self aware and managing exactly how you react in times of crisis or celebration pays off in spades in the long run by more engaged employees and highly effective teams and this leads to… guessed it…..BETTER BUSINESS RESULTS.

There are different avenues you can use to start your journey of self awareness:

— Reading

— Participating in workshops

— Podcasts

— Speak with a coach

Making Teams Rock!

The company is creating a “special task committee” to tackle the growing number of customer complaints around a new product that was just launched. They are looking for representatives from each department to round out the committee that will meet once a week.

After you decide that hiding under your desk is probably not the most professional thing to do, before you can raise your hand, you are chosen to represent your department.

Will it be the same old thing? One person dominates the committee while the entire group goes round and round every week discussing painful details about how to solve the issue.

Well-functioning teams can be very valuable while ill-functioning teams can simply weigh down the issue and be a big huge time-suck.

There are so many tools, methods, pathways to creating a great team where the phrase “two heads are better than one” can benefit your company exponentially.

Southeast Executive Coaching offers half day and full day workshops for teams and departments. Don’t wait.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

As a career coach, I get this question a lot.  Should I stay in my current position or look for another?  The scary answer is, you may not know until you get there!  This stepping into the unknown is the biggest fear that cause people to stay “comfortably” in their current job.

Don’t get me wrong, we all have to pay the bills.  I understand.  But have you asked yourself if there is a way to pay the bills AND move toward something closer to your true passion? 

Let’s get honest here.  Sometimes taking a step back in order to move forward seems almost impossible.  I admit, it takes some imagination and creativity but it can be done.  The next best thing doesn’t come without sacrifice.  But imagine yourself doing what you love to do every day….not what you “have” to do.  There is the payoff.

I hear “I have to stay where I am because of the money.”  Is that really true?  Write it down….then ask yourself, is it really true?  Am I more scared than anything else?  You may be surprised.


Authenticity or Bust!

Put your game face on!!!  Right?

Not always.

One of the most important attributes that employees look for in a good leader is authenticity.  Notice I didn’t say emotional….I said authentic. 

Being authentic is being true to who you are and what your values are.  This allows people to feel secure, to develop a level of trust with you, and makes you approachable and real.

If something makes you angry in the workplace, this is a human feeling.  Express it appropriately.  If something makes you ecstatic, express it appropriately.  People will find you human, not emotional.  A leader that always has their “game face” on may be perceived as untouchable or unreachable making it difficult for other people to relate to.

Everyone’s “authentic” looks different.  Need help finding yours?  Reach out.