Say It In Your Own Words

A large majority of skilled leadership includes authenticity. You hear this word tossed around a lot. It’s almost become one of those professional “buzz words” if you know what I mean. But if we think about it tactically, what does “being authentic” really mean? Yes, we can say it means to be yourself but ugh! What does that even mean?

I like to sum it up in one sentence: Say it in your own words. This concept took me a very long time to master believe it or not. It frustrated me because it is such a simple idea yet I struggled with it. In short, saying things in your own words creates authenticity naturally.

For example, I am not a very wordy speaker. Something that might take another person an entire paragraph to communicate, I tend to condense down to one sentence. However, as short as that may seem, people who have worked on teams of mine grew to understand that this is my authentic self. My famous preface to any conversation is “Let me say it how I am thinking about it….in my own words.”

So don’t be afraid to speak naturally, in your own tone, in your own inflection, using your own words. Authenticity becomes a given when you do this.