How Was Your First Day Back?

Back from Thanksgiving vacation? How was your first day back? Were you reenergized? Were you excited to do what you love? Hmmmm……crickets.

According to Gallup, only 31% of you love what you do. This is an American statistic. If you look worldwide, that number gets even smaller. Only 31% of you feel valued, engaged, and passionate about your life’s work. So it begs the question….why aren’t you making a change?

Some of the popular reasons why people do not make a job change are:

  1. Fear of change

  2. You don’t feel brave enough

  3. You think you have to stay in your current job to pay the bills

  4. You give up after a failure or two

  5. You’re not uncomfortable enough in your current job

  6. You don’t even know where to start to find your true calling

The first step doesn’t have to be a giant leap or a complete job change. One small change leads to other small changes which eventually will lead to huge adjustments.

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