Are You Doubtful That You Add Value?

The difference between you offering a unique service or product for sale or going into business for yourself and the guy or gal who has the online store is…..he/she actually did it and you thought about it. It is such a simple fact yet we pretend it’s not the truth because taking that step seems too scary. Action brings action.

One reason that I hear far too often is “What information can I offer someone else that they don’t already know?” Ummm…..well they would not be seeking advisement if they already had all the answers! So you have knowledge about a certain subject that they don’t and don’t underestimate that. Doing a Google search does not answer all questions believe it or not. Feeling fraudulent and doubting yourself is so common. I have done it in the past and still do it even though I know better.

Remember your worth. The first step is always scary but unless you take it, you will remain where you are. Take some small steps….easy ones. You will be surprised at the momentum you gain.