I Want To Find My Passion….But HOW??

I hear this all the time.  “Vicky, I hate what I am doing right now.  I want to find my passion and make a living doing it but I don’t know how.  I know things that I like in life but I don’t know how to find my true ‘passion’.”


I believe people “think” about this topic all the time.  For example, “I’d love to start a doggie daycare business because I just love dogs!”  They ponder this thought and talk to themselves about it. The thought stream may go something like this….”I’d love to start a doggie daycare business because I just love dogs!  If I could go to work and be with dogs all day long, I would be in heaven! Hmmm I wonder how much that would cost? I would need a building, insurance, employees, customers, etc.  That’s WAY out of my financial reach. Never mind….it would be cool but there’s no way.”


Sound familiar?  Just insert “your dream here” right?  You know what the problem is? It’s all thoughts and no action!  And by action, I don’t mean to run out and start looking for doggie daycare real estate.  I mean, have you ever spent time working in a doggie daycare? Have you volunteered in your spare time or tried it part-time?  Have you spoken to people who are in the business? Just taIked to them? I mean “physically”. The answer is probably no. Herein lies the problem.


Finding your passion is more physical than mental a lot of the times.  My opinion is to spend time DOING and less time thinking. In every aspect of your life, are you truly engaged in what you are doing at that moment or are you going through the motions?  Here’s what I say….try things! Physically try things! Take note of your gut while you’re doing things. What is it telling you? Is it pulling you in and making you feel like there is no place you’d rather be at that moment or are your actions forced?


Get involved.  Recognize things that you talk about a lot, want to learn more about, or share most often with others and physically try them!  Recognize themes in things you choose to read, buy, look up on the internet, click on in social media, etc. Physically search for opportunities to observe, taste, touch, learn, etc. about those things.  Guess what? Opportunities emerge. You meet people, you learn about yourself, you gain experience. People love to tell you about their passions so just by engaging people in conversation will bring tons of information.


Sometimes, we just have to learn about ourselves….what we like, what we don’t like.  That only comes from experiencing loads of different things and “feeling” what lights our fire….what gives us this physical feeling in our belly.  Here’s the surprising part….it’s probably not what you think! Just because your degree is in accounting doesn’t mean you can’t be a career coach (that may be a personal reference).


Try things….try them and do it with 110% enthusiasm.  Do it like it’s your job….then decide if you want it to be.