Do You Love Mondays?

Yeah…I didn’t either until I decided to seek the advice of a career coach. Everyone deserves to have a rewarding, fulfilling career. If you don’t wake up on Monday and say, “Today will be magnificent!” then you may want to ask yourself a few simple questions:

1. How do I feel about my career?

2. Do I love going to work?

3. Do I think there is something better waiting for me out there?

4. Am I fairly compensated?

5. Am I actively working toward my short and long-term goals?

6. Does my career bring me fulfillment every day?

If you are not excited about the answers to these questions, insert career coach HERE! Someone who listens to everything you say and feel about your current situation and then offers a different perspective or viewpoint may be all you need. Have you thought about that?

People in your inner circle are too close to offer objective input. They are too close to challenge you, to ask you the difficult questions.

The relationship with a career coach is a short-term way to unwrap your potential and help your achieve success (whatever that looks like for you).