Leaders Set The Mood

As the leader of a group, employees, team, etc. your tone, mood, and external persona decides how members of those groups work together. Think about it, as a leader, your opinion and reaction are given more credibility than anyone else’s in the room. That’s a fact whether you like that statement or not. People literally look at you more, look for your reaction, look at your body language as a gauge. This is why paying attention to how you are feeling and displaying those feelings outwardly is so critically important.

A leader decides how the people he/she leads work together simply by example. So, being self aware is a huge part of leadership. Things you “say” may have less of an impact than the “way” you say them or the “tone” in which you say them. But it takes guts to become self aware. It doesn’t come naturally for most of us. However, doing the heavy lifting of becoming self aware and managing exactly how you react in times of crisis or celebration pays off in spades in the long run by more engaged employees and highly effective teams and this leads to…..you guessed it…..BETTER BUSINESS RESULTS.

There are different avenues you can use to start your journey of self awareness:

— Reading

— Participating in workshops

— Podcasts

— Speak with a coach