Not Hearing....Listening

Sometimes I hear someone but I don’t listen to them.  Have you ever caught yourself doing that?  You hear what the other person is saying but your mind is somewhere else?

In the coaching world, we call this “level 1” listening.  In other words, you are listening with yourself (your own feelings) in mind.  You are thinking about something similar that may have happened to you.  You are thinking about the next thing you want to say instead of truly listening to your partner in conversation.

As human beings, one of our most basic emotional needs is to feel like we have been heard….like someone is really listening to us.  And believe it or not, it is not very common that we are truly listened to.

Truly listening to someone….a coworker, a partner, a spouse, etc. can create powerful, long lasting, trusting relationships.  It is more powerful than any words you can say.

So how do you “truly listen” to someone?  Call me, I’ll tell you.