Congratulations!  You’re one step closer to your goal!  

I am excited to join you on your journey!

Victoria helped me bring laser focus to my underlying concerns regarding my future. We quickly had a set number of tasks identified to help formulate my strategy and action plan towards defining my vision and personal and professional brand.
— Kalen H.


Career Coaching

Coaching at the senior/executive level. This is a one-on-one in-office or telephone conference.  

  • Raise your performance bar

  • Establish leadership agility

  • Use feedback to fuel your career

  • Improve your emotional intelligence

  • Champion change

  • Strengthen your credibility

Small Business Consulting

Small businesses have very specific needs.  This service is individualized for your business.

  • Discover why your business has plateaued or stalled

  • Hiring the right talent

  • Squarely focus on the goals for your business

  • Business Plans

  • Budgeting


Life Coaching

Find your passion. Live the life that fulfills you.  

  • Balance competing priorities

  • Align your work/life balance with your values

  • Do what you love

  • Experience your life flourishing

  • Learn how to live presently

  • Build relationships using the "ask" method

Victoria has been my mentor for over seven years and she has developed my leadership abilities beyond any expectations. Her coaching and guidance has led me to complete my CPA, hire, train and manage a team of 10 people, and over the years has led to three promotions, most recently to a Vice President level!
— Aaron H.

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Corporate Engagements