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My Calling

I am not what you expect when you think of a "certified public accountant" am I?  However, this is exactly what has made me a great partner.  Although I had a traditional finance role in the private sector, my straight-forward, honest, "let's put our heads together" approach to corporate issues is what has allowed me to be approachable and real in all of my communications.  It is what has allowed those who worked on my teams to grow and advance in their careers.  At the end of the day, numbers aside, we are all human, and we all experience human emotions....even in the workplace.  I have been fortunate (and maybe a little smart with my money!) to be able to leave the corporate world and venture out on my own.  I was looking for my "passion".  I wondered in what type of career would I be able to combine my love for motivating and supporting people with the business knowledge that I have built up over 27 years.  This was my "AHA!" moment.  My clients know that I am in their corner.  We will walk this path together.  I will ask them the tough questions, we will set challenging goals, we will experience the wins, setbacks, and "resets" together.  They know that at the end of the process, they walk away with the tools necessary to create a healthier business, a more profitable outcome or a more fulfilling career.  It is my calling.